Businesses asked, and we’ve listened! As we’ve grown, we’ve changed some of our options to better work with our growing business partners. You now have many more options when considering getting involved with Gets2Give! In addition to our offers and storefront, we’ve also added a new website blog/vlog to feature businesses along with social media, email campaigns and our website directory.

Gets2Give Business Pricing

Gets2Give Overview || How Gets2Give Can Help Small Local Businesses


We love local businesses and so do our subscribers and we’re committed to local business marketing that drives new customers through your doors in the most effective way possible to guarantee a local economy that prospers along side globalization.

Businesses receive

  • marketing from Gets2Give that makes them more competitive in the global market at a local level
  • marketing from local nonprofits connecting them across multiple outlets simultaneously
  • enhanced goodwill generated from consumers options to select a nonprofit of their choice
  • free digitization of business allowing a greater ease of access for customers
  • increased online traffic and awareness brought by nonprofits raising funds
  • and the ability to directly find and communicate with customers that support the local initiative.

For all offers:

    • Gets2Give is hosted on a secure server
    • payments are direct deposit through paypal
    • you can do full priced options and sales
    • each new offer has to be approved by Gets2Give, but after initial approval, merchants can make any changes they want without approval
    • sales can be scheduled ahead of time
    • each merchant will receive instant email updates with purchases
    • each merchant will have a front-end dashboard which includes detailed reports and graphs
    • charity selections will be done per offer, not per cart, so customers can donate to multiple causes within one order
    • you can even link your offers and add upsells and/or crosssells
    • merchants can include additional options at check-out for each of their offers, and each can be made required or optional. This includes:checkboxes, file uploads, text input, radio buttons, select boxes, additional price input, and/or additional price multiplier
    • adding offers and maintaining account is very merchant-friendly, but our support will still help and assist in any way

For product offers:

    • you can set and control your inventory
    • buyers can add customizations at check-out
    • set and control shipping costs
    • tax is automatically added by location
    • you can have variable products (where you can add different colors, types and other attricbutes with different prices and inventory variations)

For gift certificates and vouchers:

    • set fixed prices or let buyers choose
    • merchants will be able to choose different template options for the buyers to choose from (including templates for different occasions)
    • each voucher and gift certificate looks like an actual gift certificate with personalized content (including name, custom gift messages, etc.)
    • the buyer can choose to have the gift certificate emailed to themselves or to another email adress
    • each gift certificate and voucher will have a QR code and a barcode to work with your POS system

For downloadable files:

    • merchants will be able to attach files that will be automatically downloaded upon purchase, including tickets, software, etc.

For bookings offers (COMING SOON):

    • you can set up your own calendar and openings
    • have clients book directly through Gets2Give at no extra cost
    • be able to send out customized emails and notifications to those who book with you through

For accommodations (COMING SOON):

    • can set availability with calendar feature
    • can set min and max number of days booked
    • can set how far in advance reservations must be made
    • can set admin approval before confirming booking
    • can add cancellation policy
    • can add different resources options i.e. if there are different instructors for a class, customer can select which instructr they would like


How Gets2Give Can Help Small Businesses

Cut out waste.

A great way to start with analyzing your current money management situation is a good ol’ cost effectiveness analysis. Where is your money going? What is your ROI? Have you shopped around and compared other options? One of the biggest wasteful areas for small businesses is marketing.

A lot of small businesses will focus on what other businesses are doing, or what some blogs or professional “marketers” tell them to do on their webinars, but each business is different and you could be wasting valuable resources. There is no “yellow brick” road to follow and the tried and true method of CEA will always come out on top. Guess what else… it takes time. It takes trial and error. It takes feedback and analysis. Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket, try multiple ones out and see what works best for you! But when marketing costs are upfront, that gets costly.

Gets2Give takes the risk of finding the right niche and marketing platform for you. We’ve built it as a resource for businesses to embrace the trial and error and learn what works for them individually without bankrupting the business.

Get digitized!!

Customers want to access you and your information all of the time. They want to read reviews, they want to buy gift cards online, they want to share on social media, they want to follow you for deals, they want to win prizes, they want notifications – they don’t want to have to hunt you down, and guess what? They won’t, they’ll find another business that does embrace technology. Look at the recent acquisition of Whole Foods to Amazon, the digital market is branching out to brick and mortar – get ahead and get your business digitized with Gets2Give.

Gets2Give allows even the not-so-tech-savvy businesses to get involved with the digital environment that consumers crave and all with little to no effort from the business.

Create open communication.

To achieve good, quality communication between a customer and your business, you first have to establish a communication base. That means you need their info! They come in, buy, eat dinner, etc. and then leave… you may retain that customer just from excellent service, but the window to communication remains shut.

On Gets2Give, businesses are able to extract key communication metrics from their customers. Gets2Give offers businesses to directly communicate with their current and potential customers, access to reports highlighting social needs and causes their customers are interested in and extensive feedback generated to analyze for future growth. You’ll be able to compare satisfied and unsatisfied customer records and find out the reasons for your success and failure, one by one. And then make personalized offers to your best prospects, and ask for their opinions.

Open the business up to new ideas.

Learn from your mistakes. Don’t be afraid to fail. Because without failure, success is impossible. Test your assumptions. Keep analytical records for every area. You took a risk starting this business, do’t let fear hold you back now. Be bold, be ahead of the game, not in the middle of the pack. Lead with ingenuity, innovation and flair. Gets2Give incorporates a whole different approach to promoting small businesses. We team up local nonprofits and businesses to work together and mutually benefit each other.

Allow you to embrace strategic delegation.

A lone wolf dies but the pack survives. Let us help! Gets2Give is a great place to start with delegation. We help with market research, advertising, social media, word of mouth, connecting you with local nonprofits, creating buzz and so much more.

Keep you current.

We’re researchers. Our #1 goal is to make sure that small businesses remain relevant. When we see trends or markets shift, we immediately alert you and see ways that we can use those shifts to benefit and high-light your business.


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