Community Revolution

We are living in fear of everything and have the false notion of scarcity. That everything we have will be taken away from us- maybe even from “the others”.  We resort to tribalism, picking teams, instead of listening and connecting and being vulnerable. We isolate ourselves, in our heads, our friend groups, our neighborhoods, our schools, our Facebook groups, our phones- instead of reaching out, looking up, looking out. The thing is, if we isolate ourselves, we WILL have everything taken away from us.

enough is enough

Racism by Omission

Hi. I’m a white middle class woman, and I’m hella privileged by my race. Unfortunately, my generation of middle class white people was raised and taught that we shouldn’t “see color”. So now we’ve convinced ourselves that we’re “colorblind” – which in theory may sound great except to “not see color” is a privilege only white people have and it is bullshit. First, we aren’t colorblind and second, we shouldn’t be.

Social Entrepreneur versus Social Hacker

Social Entrepreneur: a person who establishes an enterprise with the aim of solving social problems or effecting social change… The more involved I get, the more people I find with similar goals. But why then, if there are so many of us, are things taking so long to change – or in some instances not changing at all?

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