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The more people that get involved, the bigger difference we can make in our local community! Our goal is to create a more charitable giving society by allowing the community to give back in multiple ways. 1) by direct donations to local nonprofits, 2) by putting their money where their hearts are and only supporting the businesses that support the community back and 3) volunteering! Together we can support both local social needs programs and local businesses regardless of personal wherewithal. Let’s do this! Donations given to Gets2Give Foundation help us to fund this website and expand our reach to every community member. #BeTheChange

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Donate to charities you care about and shop at the local businesses that care about you. Put your money where your heart is, whether its through donations or the businesses you support.

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Join our cause and be a part of something bigger. Support local small businesses, support local nonprofits, and support your local community.

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Have a business that gives a f*&% about the community? Thank you! Please sign up to be listed on our directory so we can support you back!

Nonprofit Facebook Group

The Charlotte's Nonprofit Community includes individuals who work for or own a nonprofit organization. This group is here to support, build relationships, ask questions and share information. We are a bunch of Do Gooders, and proud of it!

Volunteer Facebook Group

If you're looking for ways to get more involved with nonprofits in the Charlotte-Metro area, you can find opportunities in this group! Likewise, if you're a nonprofit, join as your page and post all volunteer activities you have!

#Goalfriends Facebook Group

A group that believes in the power of collaboration - that, as womxn, we are stronger together. A group that believes in breaking the rules, breaking the ceilings, and breaking ground. A group that believes womxn are unstoppable when we're lifting each other up.

Shop Local & Support Local

Shop offers from local businesses, 10% is donated to the charity of your choice. Or donate directly to one of the amazing organizations in our area that's building up our community's foundation for equitable growth.


Donations given to Gets2Give  help us to fund this website and expand our reach to every community member.


Holly’z Hope

Donate to Holly’z Hope to free dogs from life on a chain by providing fences.


Comunidad Collectiva

Donate to Comunidad Collectiva to help support them in advocating for and protecting the human rights of immigrants in Charlotte.


Be Her Tribe

Donate to Be Her Tribe to help surround women and their families with invaluable support and vital resources as they go through lifes challenges.


5th Street Ministries

Donate to 5th Street Minstries to support the homeless, the impoverished and the working poor.


the crew
Meredith Fleig

Meredith Fleig


Meredith graduated from East Carolina University in Spring 2009 (Arrgghh!) with a degree in Architectural Design and minors in Business and Project Management.

Meredith has years of experience managing start-ups and small businesses, from marketing to website design and sales. She has also been an active member in the nonprofit sector for a decade. Meredith is conventionally quirky and a pragmatic dreamer. She fights for the underdog and never backs down from a challenge.

Wesley Harris

Wesley Harris


Wesley graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in Spring 2009 with a degree in Economics and from Clemson in 2014 with a Doctorate in Economics.

Wesley brings valuable intellect from his work with transfer pricing, but his best commodity comes from his experience in the education sector. Wesley is extremely passionate about educating the public and bringing about lasting change that can shape and enhance our future generations.

Keynes Harris


3/12/2010 - 12/9/2019

His heart was just too big for this world. RIP Keynes. Your love and energy inspires us to be the best people we can every day.

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Community Revolution

We are living in fear of everything and have the false notion of scarcity. That everything we have will be taken away from us- maybe even from “the others”.  We resort to tribalism, picking teams, instead of listening and connecting and being vulnerable. We isolate ourselves, in our heads, our friend groups, our neighborhoods, our schools, our Facebook groups, our phones- instead of reaching out, looking up, looking out. The thing is, if we isolate ourselves, we WILL have everything taken away from us.

Racism by Omission

Hi. I'm a white middle class woman, and I'm hella privileged by my race. Unfortunately, my generation of middle class white people was raised and taught that we shouldn’t “see color”. So now we’ve convinced ourselves that we’re “colorblind” – which in theory may sound great except to "not see color" is a privilege only white people have and it is bullshit. First, we aren’t colorblind and second, we shouldn’t be.

Social Entrepreneur versus Social Hacker

Social Entrepreneur: a person who establishes an enterprise with the aim of solving social problems or effecting social change... The more involved I get, the more people I find with similar goals. But why then, if there are so many of us, are things taking so long to change - or in some instances not changing at all?

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