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What is the American dream? The ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative. All things we pride ourself on at Hound Dog Men’s Grooming Company and that’s exemplified through this scent. Hard work, determination, perseverance. Oh and an amazing orange Dreamsicle scent. God bless America and may the American Dreamsicle bless your beard!

Backseat Boogie! It’s Friday night, you got a date for the drive in! You spend the afternoon with the boys, smoke a good cigar, take a shot or two of your favorite bourbon. Throw on that sandalwood musk cologne the ladies love and head to the drive in! The movie starts, she catches a whiff of the smell combination and it drives her crazy. It’s time to get your backseat boogie on!

Picture getting off of work, sitting down at your favorite local diner for a burger and a root beer float and all you can smell is root beer and that sweet creamy vanilla ice cream. The food might have to wait until you finish that float!