By taking the ‘deal site’ concept, we have reshaped it into this powerhouse for community growth. Businesses get customers when they want/need them, reach a completely new demographic brought on by the nonprofits, save money on marketing and get goodwill attached to their business; Nonprofits raise residual funds, raise awareness and get fee-free crowdfunding campaigns; Local consumers get deals and offers to explore new businesses, support causes they love, and find the businesses that really care to patron.

Unlike other deal sites, such as Groupon, our main goal is to reshape our community into a self-sustaining system that builds and grows on itself: the money stays local, the marketing stays local, the benefits stay local. In addition to that, here are some more differences:

  • You don’t have to have an offer running on the site to be marketed by us
  • If you do run an offer, it doesn’t have to be discounted
  • We even do gift cards for gifts, holidays, etc.
  • 10% of every offer is donated back to a small local nonprofit
  • Businesses receive 70% of full priced offers and 80% of discounted offers (not 50/60% with Groupon)
  • We are creating a network between local businesses and nonprofits that you will be joining that all support each other.
  • Deep discounts aren’t required – and sometimes discouraged. We want to help your company, not make money off of it.
  • Deals can be limited to specific days/times or any other limits you want!
  • “Buy now, use now” method – traffic slow? just run a quickie that has to be bought and used within the next hour, etc.
  • Businesses can edit, cancel and add deals at any time directly from their account or just as easily as texting me!
  • Gets2Give donates from their portion, but the business gets the goodwill!
  • You can see what nonprofits benefit from your deals
  • And the biggie – since the nonprofits are benefiting, they’re promoting your business and deals for you too!
  • We don’t just appeal to bargain shoppers, but the entire nonprofit sector who are traditionally and on average higher spender, more loyal to local businesses, and go above and beyond to promote and work with those that help their cause.
  • We also have crowdfunding campaigns on the site – do you know how much traffic crowdfunding campaigns generate? Hint: it’s A LOT, and you can get your business in front of that by being on our directory and posting deals.