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We’re looking for local food truck businesses that want to collaborate with us at Gets2Give for a #FoodTruckShoutOut program that meet the following criteria:

  • Locally owned and operated
  • Understand and value the importance of “living local”
  • Care about the local community
  • Interested in growing through community partnerships

We want to highlight and give a shout out to local food trucks in the Charlotte-Metro area as part of our initiative to reexamine and change the way that we, as a society, contribute to an entrepreneurial eco-system. Over the past few weeks I’ve been researching and developing ways that we can include Food Trucks into our current program – hence, the gets2give #FoodTruckShoutOut

How Our #FoodTruckShoutOut Works:
1) When you make a social media post about where you’re going to be for the day/week on social media, tag us and we’ll share, retweet, repost it
2) You’ll get a business page on www.Gets2Give.com where our subscribers can choose to follow you!
3) You’ll be listed on our interactive #FoodTruckShoutOut map using users geolocation to show them what food trucks are closest, menus and any deals or offers they currently have
4) You’ll also get a personalized “follow” link and qr code to tell your social media fans to also follow you on www.Gets2Give.com
5) Then – when you need it – we can do a bonus shoutout that goes directly to your gets2give followers phones via text messages by offering a deal or discount (offers). The reason we recommend a deal or discount is because nobody wants to keep getting text messages unless there’s some added bonus in it, you can do a non-discount offer though. The deals can/will be time and amount limited. “Food Truck” is at Free Range Brewing, save $2 if you buy this deal and order within the next hour! Limited available!

Examples of when to use this: slow day, its raining, not much traffic, last minute location switch up, new menu item you want people to try, brand new location, haven’t sold out yet and its almost closing time, etc.



Gets2Give Overview
1) You don’t have to have an offer to be in the program, and that’s absolutely free – no cost yall! We’ll still support you anyway we can and help spread the word on social media.
2) We function as a nonprofit, but if you post an offer there is a marketing fee. Each business receives 80% of all sales.
3) We use 10% to cover our costs for the automated text/email service to our subscribers plus ads we run to help you get the most out of your offer.
4) The other 10% we donate to another local nonprofit of the customers choice. This helps your business gain goodwill, and it gives an incentive to our partnering nonprofits to help market your offers to their followers/subscribers/supporters. Plus it helps build up our social infrastructure – nonprofits helping businesses helping nonprofits helping businesses – the gets2give cycle!
5) You also don’t have to do a discount, we market and sale full priced items, gift cards, tickets, etc. as well. Though customers prefer the deals.
6) We also have a #GiveBetter program where local consumers can buy gift cards to your business directly online
7) Not only that, nonprofits also receive a free crowdfunding platform on www.Gets2Give.com. Instead of paying upwards of 5-10% in fees, they’re able to keep all the money raised and support local businesses. How does the crowdfunding aspect help local businesses? Crowdfunding is one of the greatest generators of online traffic. We harness that traffic and reroute it towards all of our businesses and their offers.

RECAP: Businesses get marketing from Gets 2 Give, marketing from local nonprofits, enhanced goodwill from local nonprofits, increased online traffic and awareness, and the ability to directly find and communicate with customers that support the local initiative – with absolutely zero upfront costs.


How Gets2Give Can Help Small Businesses

    Cut out waste. A great way to start with analyzing your current money management situation is a good ol’ cost effectiveness analysis. Where is your money going? What is your ROI? Have you shopped around and compared other options? One of the biggest wasteful areas for small businesses is marketing.

    A lot of small businesses will focus on what other businesses are doing, or what some blogs or professional “marketers” tell them to do on their webinars, but each business is different and you could be wasting valuable resources. There is no “yellow brick” road to follow and the tried and true method of CEA will always come out on top. Guess what else… it takes time. It takes trial and error. It takes feedback and analysis. Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket, try multiple ones out and see what works best for you! But when marketing costs are upfront, that gets costly.

    That’s why on www.Gets2Give.com, there are zero upfront costs. Gets2Give takes the risk of finding the right niche and marketing platform for you. We’ve built it as a resource for businesses to embrace the trial and error and learn what works for them individually without bankrupting the business.

    Get digitized!! Customers want to access you and your information all of the time. They want to read reviews, they want to buy gift cards online, they want to share on social media, they want to follow you for deals, they want to win prizes, they want notifications – they don’t want to have to hunt you down, and guess what? They won’t, they’ll find another business that does embrace technology. Look at the recent acquisition of Whole Foods to Amazon, the digital market is branching out to brick and mortar – get ahead and get your business digitized with Gets2Give.

    Gets2Give allows even the not-so-tech-savvy businesses to get involved with the digital environment that consumers crave and all with little to no effort from the business.

    Create open communication. To achieve good, quality communication between a customer and your business, you first have to establish a communication base. That means you need their info! They come in, buy, eat dinner, etc. and then leave… you may retain that customer just from excellent service, but the window to communication remains shut.

    On Gets2Give, businesses are able to extract key communication metrics from their customers. Gets2Give offers a customized text service for businesses to directly communicate with their current and potential customers, access to reports highlighting social needs and causes their customers are interested in and extensive feedback generated to analyze for future growth. You’ll be able to compare satisfied and unsatisfied customer records and find out the reasons for your success and failure, one by one. And then make personalized offers to your best prospects, and ask for their opinions.

    Open the business up to new ideas. Learn from your mistakes. Don’t be afraid to fail. Because without failure, success is impossible. Test your assumptions. Keep analytical records for every area. You took a risk starting this business, do’t let fear hold you back now. Be bold, be ahead of the game, not in the middle of the pack. Lead with ingenuity, innovation and flair. Gets2Give incorporates a whole different approach to promoting small businesses. We team up local nonprofits and businesses to work together and mutually benefit each other.

    Allow you to embrace strategic delegation. A lone wolf dies but the pack survives. Let us help! With no up-front costs, Gets2Give is a great place to start with delegation. We help with market research, advertising, social media, word of mouth, connecting you with local nonprofits, creating buzz and so much more.

    Keep you current. We’re researchers. Our #1 goal is to make sure that small businesses remain relevant. When we see trends or markets shift, we immediately alert you and see ways that we can use those shifts to benefit and high-light your business.




If your food truck is already registered and on the site, there is no need to fill out the #FoodTruckShoutOut form again. If you would like to simply add additional offers, fill out the Submit Offers form.

If you are a new Food Truck (yay!), you will only need to fill out the #FoodTruckShoutOut form right now. Regardless of if you want to submit offes at this time or not, you have the option to do that on the registration page. In the future when you return and would like to add a new offer, you will use the Submit Offers form.
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Due to the volume of requests we receive and the amount of due diligence we put into approving businesses initially before they appear on our website, we appreciate your generous patience in our reply Once the initial business is listed, the offer approval goes much smoother!


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