By working with many different nonprofits over the past few years, I’ve noticed a pattern. Each nonprofit, extremely different in both structure and mission, are faced with the same hurdles and obstacles. I think its time that we stand up and challenge the way we, as a society, finance social good. Americans rely on nonprofits for food, shelter, education, healthcare and other necessities, and

everyone has a stake in strengthening this social infrastructure.

However, there is a growing gap in between the level of charity that we need and the level of charity that people, and the private sector, are willing/able to fill; thus, leaving the responsibility of that gap in the hands of the government. The struggles nonprofits face are not the short-term result of an economic cycle, they are the results of fundamental flaws in the way we currently finance social good. Do people who can and want to give, give back to charities, yes! But that’s not enough. We need to figure out a way to reach everyone, including: those who are unable, unaware or (gasp!) those who don’t care. That’s where comes in, I think we found a solution!



On we are enabling those who may otherwise not be able to or not know how to give back, and we’re encouraging those that don’t care to.

It’s the one shop stop for all fundraising needs. Supporters can donate directly, with which the charity receives ALL donations (minus paypal processing fees), the charity can post updates and communicate directly with their supporters, PLUS they will receive 10% of every deal purchased as well when selected.