Inflatable paddle board rentals on Lake Norman, Mountain Island Lake, and the Charlotte, NC area.  We use only inflatable boards as they are lighter, more durable, and easier to transport than hard boards.  Rent our boards hourly for use on the area lakes or rent for a few days and take them with you on vacation to explore other waters.

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Cannon Board Co. Inflatable Paddle Board

Cannon Board Co. uses inflatable paddle boards which have been designed in houseboard standing with many premium features. Our inflatable stand up paddle boards are 11′ x 31″ x 6″ and will easily support riders and gear up to 350 lbs.

  • 4″ nose rocker to keep the board from digging into the bumps of a wave.
  • All of our boards have a 2+1 fin set up with a large center US fin and 2 smaller rubber side fins.
  • Cannon Boards have a kick tail for comfort and stability when making sharp turns and controlling the board on waves.
  • Lightweight adjustable carbon fiber paddle with paddle bag.
  • Wheeled travel bag for ease of transport.
  • Comfort board leash for safety
  • Dual action hand pump with the ability to inflate and deflate.

Inflatable Paddle Boards vs. Hard Boards

What are the benefits of inflatable paddle boards?

  • Our inflatable boards inflate up to 25 psi which creates a solid board comparable to a hard board creating a similar performance and rider experience.
  • Transporting inflatable paddle boards is much easier than hard boards.board bags Deflate, roll up, and pack it into the back pack and you are ready to go from one location to another which fits into even a small trunk. Take it to the lake, river, or beach with no roof racks necessary and still have room for your suitcases.
  • Inflatable boards are easier to store taking up much less space than hard boards. This comes in handy with rentals too as it allows you to rent a board even if you are staying in a hotel room or other small space on your vacation or at the beach.
  • Inflatable boards are more durable and less likely to sustain damage from bumps on docks or with the paddle.

Cannon Board Co. Inflatable Paddle Board Construction

Cannon Board Co. – Cannon SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Cross-Section

  • Fusion Core drop stitch technology
  • Double-wall 1.4mm (3250g/m2) PVC
  • Double-layered sidewalls – .52mm (600g/m2) PVC inner layer + 1.1mm (1100g/m2) 3k Carbon Power Rail layer

Our Fusion Core drop stitch technology is the same used on other high end, performance inflatable paddle boards on the market today. Our 3k Carbon Power Rails add strength, durability, and an aesthetic design element to the board. Click on the cross-section of the board to enlarge the image.

We also rent Tower Paddle Boards and Jimmy Styx inflatable paddle boards as over flow boards after we rent out all of our custom boards.




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|| Locations ||

Primary Paddle Board Rental Launch Location

Our primary launch location is at the end of Burton Ln. in Denver, NC on Lake Norman. We will meet you at the launch and will inflate the boards for you. There is no additional charge for launching from our primary launch location.

Additional Launch Sites

Beatty’s Ford park in Denver, NC delivery charge is $5 per board.

Launches on Mountain Island Lake (Southern most launches marked on the map) will incur a $10 delivery charge per board rental.

We can deliver the board to any** other location on Lake Norman or Mountain Island Lake or area residential address for a $10 delivery charge per board rental.

** Our delivery area is within 15 miles of our primary launch location. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the desired delivery address.

No delivery charge for rentals of 3 or more days.

Pick up Your Rental

You may always pick up the board from us directly and avoid the delivery charges. You may be able to pick up your rental up to 15 minutes prior to your rental time. Please contact us for availability.

Our pick up location is the Little Creek Access area on Lake Norman located at 4906 Burton Ln., Denver, NC 28037.

If you are renting our boards to take them on your vacation or for a weekend getaway, you may pick up your board the evening before with no additional charge. Please contact us to arrange your pick up time. Minimum 2 day rental required.



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