Gets2Give.com encourages and enables everyone to become active participants in rebuilding our social infrastructure because we all have a stake in it. Gets2Give.com is a community marketplace for you to shop local. We're currently revamping our site, but our online store will re-open SOON! Every purchase that you make, a portion will be donated to a cause of your choice at no added cost. Our goal is to create a more charitable giving society by allowing the community to give back without having to dig into their own pockets. Together we can support both local social needs programs and local businesses regardless of personal wherewithal. Read more...
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These are the ahh-mazing businesses in and around Charlotte that are working with us to guarantee everyone an opportunity to be involved with our social infrastructure. When our online store opens you'll be able to find awesome deals, offers and gift cards to these great establishments. So in the meantime, show them some love for being a part of the solution!


The Crew
Meredith Fleig
Meredith Fleig

Co Founder

Meredith graduated from East Carolina University in Spring 2009 (Arrgghh!) with a degree in Architectural Design and minors in Business and Project Management. Meredith has years of experience managing start-ups and small businesses, from marketing to website design and sales. She has also been an active member in the nonprofit sector for a decade. Meredith is conventionally quirky and a pragmatic dreamer. She fights for the underdog and never backs down from a challenge.

Wesley Harris
Wesley Harris

Co Founder

Wesley graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in Spring 2009 with a degree in Economics and from Clemson in 2014 with a Doctorate in Economics.   Wesley brings valuable intellect from his work with transfer pricing, but his best commodity comes from his experience in the education sector. Wesley is extremely passionate about educating the public and bringing about lasting change that can shape and enhance our future generations.

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